Turn Key Shop Coatings

Turn Key Shop Coatings

Most steel fabrication companies are not interested in tying up their shop for a multiple coat, hi-performance coating system that requires extended drying times. We offer a square foot price for many plants, contractors and government agencies. Fabricators simply ship their steel, equipment and piping systems to our Bushy Park facility to have us apply the system specified by the owner — it makes for a very smooth project.



Fabrication piping systems can be cleaned and coated with better quality and production in the shop, rather than in the field, without interrupting other trades running concurrent.



Repainting Container Cranes in New Orleans, LA

We have successfully repainted many cranes up and down the east coast. Once again, our national reputation for safety, high quality workmanship, and customer service were the deciding factors for our customer in New Orleans, LA. They felt more comfortable with Phillips crews handling the repainting of their container cranes than any other company, even though we were not the lowest bidder